About Writing

Until when I started to write blogs in an intensive manner did I realize how delicate and difficult writing is. We have a very different tolerance for readability when we read other’s work versus our own words. This is one of the rare cases in which we are more demanding to ourselves than to others.

No matter if you are a skillful person who writes and talks elegantly and fluidly, or a struggling one who expresses in a slurred, incoherent and redundant way, the listener or reader usually doesn’t have much trouble understanding the content, however, they certainly will feel the difference. The former one projects artful beauty while the latter one relates to ugliness, clumsiness, or at most plainness.

It’s quite a blessing that I realized this issue and made the resolution to improve. Then, the next step is to figure out an effective approach. As many wise people instructed, to write more is proved to be the most effective way, which I will and have been already dedicated to, on the other hand, to avidly read good work with an intention to compare how I would write if the author were me. The combination of the two – attentive reading and industrious writing ought to be a good methodology.

I am reading a book – A Rulebook for Arguments authored by Anthony Weston right now. I will read it word for word, practice this joint approach, incrementally building into a habit. For example,

It sticks to the bare essentials. \ aims to keep to the core (incoherent)
this book is organized around specific rules, illustrated and explained soundly but above all briefly. \ grammar, but above all usage
Instructors too, I have found, often wish to \ often want to, broken out sentence
In fact, as chapters V will explain, to write a good… \ use will explain not explains
Consider this quip of Winston Churchill’: Be an optimist. There is not much being anything else. \ use the word consider
The evils are due to moral defects quite as much as lack of intelligence \ as much usage until sth has been discovered \ has been tense

to be continued…






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