A “GAFAUT” Index/ETF Based on the Anticipation of Future

Finally and foremost importantly, I believe any ordinary individuals are able to wisely invest their hard-earned money into assets that keep growing by applying common sense and right perception of the marketplace. One doesn’t have to be mathematically and financially sophisticated to find out these targets with unlimited upward potential.

Not exhaustive, but fairly decent, a list I come up with are GAFAUT, standing for Google, Amazon, Facebook, Alibaba, Uber, and Tencent. All of them have been leading far ahead of rest of the pack in terms of applying big data, machine learning, artificial intelligence…seamlessly into, and transforming our daily life.

Big Data and Artificial Intelligence is a trend that is silently brewing and developing by these pioneers no matter whether a mass group of people like or dislike them. More alarmingly, the rapid advancing of technology make the strong stronger, and the weak weaker in the competitive landscape backdropped globally.  No mediocre company or just a little bit lagging firms can survive in the fierce competition ahead. Most of them will be thrown out mercilessly. Just as Uber took away taxi business, Airbnb disrupt hotel business, Amazon slashes market share from offline stores, threatening giant player Walmart, Alibaba is threatening the whole financial business by creating a frictionless ePayment system, Facebook and Tencent(WeChat) is forming an unprecedented social network that sucks all resources into a central portal. The whole world is undergoing a rapid change, and this change is taking place at a much faster pace in the near future by these behemoth firms fueled with numerous highly intelligent entrepreneurs, programmers, artists.

A simple equal weighted or market-cap weighted portfolio comprised of GAFAUT should be the ideal fund product for the mass investors to ride on this tech wave.

Take a look at their past performance, which is already splendid and the future will be brighter.

(concept attributes to xiaolai li)

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