Wireless Charging / Inductive Charging and Identify Investment Opportunities via its Supply Chain

Since I was a high school student, I have been awed to learn Faraday’s law of electromagnetic induction. He made the discovery in 1831, which is illustrated with the below graph that movement of the magnet can induce current.

Fraday's law of induction.JPGThis great discovery leads to the invention of AC generator when Nicola Tesla realized his dream of Niagra waterfall pushing tons heavy shaft wrapped with coils, moving around the magnet, thus produce a copious quantity of electricity to be transported to every household.

More than a hundred years passed, we figured out conversion between solar, biology, fossil, electricity but until recently, the wireless or inductive charging became commercialized. I have not had the chance to use the wireless charger for iPhone yet but heard from those users that it is slower than cord-charger. Nonetheless, the mere fact it is ripe enough to be in the market is ground-breaking.

Because the potential for further advancement from current status is unfathomable. One tangible case would be the stock return prospect of Tesla. Imagine if it gets a huge leg up on this charging technique, not only it is hugely clean to use electric vehicle Tesla, but also far more convenient. It will smash all traditional automobile manufacturers. Another great application easily conjuring up is pacemaker planted in the heart, with the technology of wireless charging, the patients are exempt from the pain of re-opening the chest to replace pacemakers’ battery.

There is a Wireless Power Consortium established in 2008, devised and applied the Qi standard for this technology. Being crushed and bought by, Nokia was not reluctant to adopt new tech, the following graph shows its wireless charging device in its Lumia 920 phone in 2012.


It is surprising that Blockchain has made massive waves in the market, while the advent of this wireless charging products comes along with so little attention and applause.

I figured it is a good investment opportunity.

To seize this opportunity, we should try to not only find conspicuous stocks such as Tesla but also the suppliers who truly grasp the core technology and know-how on wireless charging, from these suppliers, we can further identify potential customer companies.

Tapping into the supply chain, Chemtronics Co., Ltd was brought to my attention as it is supplying a handful of companies – Renault Samsung Motors, Samsung Electronics, LG Innotek, Kia Motors, AmorePacific- on wireless charging.

Energous Corp. is providing wireless charging solution to Dialog Semiconductor and Myant.

On the other hand, Faurecia Interior Systems has been forming research and manufacturing partnership with Philips & Lite-On Digital Solutions, focusing on in-vehicle wireless charging modules, so is Ishikawa Heavy Industries (IHI) and WiTricity. Worth noting that WiTricity is a holding company, with Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd., and Intel as larger stakeholders. 

MITAC and Intel, Wärtsilä and Cavotec too, form research join venture interwoven partnership on wireless charging. RFTech paired with m-Wise by licensing from m-wise.

A Chinese company “fu da tong technology” supplies Zenitrion of Wireless charger system & control IC.

Morphie claims to have a research collaboration with Apple, so far, this company is crucial in providing wireless charging bases in compliance of the Qi standard for their iPhone X. Zagg may worth your attention as it acquired Morphie in 2016 for $100 million. Morphie has since kept its name and been expanding on the main product – Juice Pack smartphone battery cases. 






2 thoughts on “Wireless Charging / Inductive Charging and Identify Investment Opportunities via its Supply Chain

  1. This is a great point. The global wireless charging is expected to witness a strong growth in the next decade. Countries like China has large base of young population, which represents the largest market for portable electronics that have high demand on battery life. Wireless Charging is the next trend.


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