Insight and Method

Anti-fragility = Anti-anxiety.

When we are doing the right thing rightly, knowing you are on the track to a fulfilling, improving life, there is no anxiety. We carry on with elegance and grace.

How do we know we are doing the right thing rightly? Wisdom.

With wisdom, we have

  1. Insight to see the essence of things so we can make the right decision
  2. Multi-dimensional methods to execute the right decision we make

Wisdom comes largely from learning, and also from reflection on our own experience.

To understand insight – the essence of things, I’d use some examples

  1. Amazon’s core/essence is to cut intermediaries, provide true value to clients, Jeff Bezos has the courage to keep issuing debt because he sees the essential value is that clients will appreciate and crowd up, then others will all fall upon Amazon platform. Potential profit is unlimited.
  2. Moor’s law that every 18 months, the capacity of CPU will be doubled while the cost will be reduced to half. The essence of this law is that the initial outcome is reinvested in the next outcome, so the growth is not linear but exponential.
  3. Taxi business’s core is to match car and passengers, not to provide cars.
  4. Life is like digging a thick ice, not to climb up a mountain because the essence is that life is not clearly visible at a young age.

The second point is to come up with the right method, I also would like to cite some examples blogged by Xiaolai Li.

He talked about how he developed the good habit of “get up early at 5:30am” and how did he overcome his accent. Instead of forcing ourselves to not give up, to persevere, to stick to your resolve, we should grasp a right method that is suitable to the objective law of human beings. So to get up early is not to set alarm, but to set something interesting to do in the morning so the body is willing to be out of bed for that thing, on the other hand, go to bed routinely at 10:00 am so the next day the biological clock will set off automatically at 5:30. Overcoming his accent, or in my own case, to accumulate vocabulary, we need to resort to the Ebbinghaus memory curve, taping and taking notes and then go over once, twice, third times… regularly.

Anxiety is a subjective feeling chiefly generated from the brain.

It’s not effective to use the brain to combat brain – force ourselves to not worry, not be anxious, not feel pain, or not to have insomnia. It won’t’ work. Because our body has a sympathetic nervous system and parasympathetic nervous system, our brain not only has the cortex that controls our willingness logic and resolution but also limbic, hippocampus area governing our basic life activities. Anxiety rises from this area, not controllable by the cortex. The correct way is to follow the rule of this limbic, hippocampus area’s biological needs.



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