What Will Happen In The Future Is Brewing Today-BlockChain Applications At Nascent Stage

I believe what will be the future commonalities is brewing now at their nascent stage. It had been the personal, portable computer, it had been internet merchandise, it had been social media, and what’s next is already an obvious mystery – AI, and BlockChain.

If you miss the previous opportunities, try to seize this new one. it will reward the ready people even more than the old vanguards.

When NY Time has floating ads from Deloitte of Blockchain, I took a great interest and perused the solutions and services they offer via Blockchain technology, it is quite a comprehensive list.

Their solutions can be all be summarized into the following in the Finance industry:
Auto lending: smart loans with blockchain as infrastructure
Bank Assurance: smart contracts between banks and insurance companies to streamline the workflow and improve output
Business registry: a process backed up by blockchain to enable the government to manage and check registration
Cross-border payments: it mentioned a Stellar and Ripple Blockchain rails is used to send/receive money simply by phone number or email.
Crypto tags: everything can be digitized/hashed by blockchain
Customer onboarding: similar to the concept of digitizing a physical asset, so can be done to an abstract form – customer, supplier, ip etc.
EduScript: fraud rate can be enormously reduced by applying blockchain technology in the financing system
Trade Finance | letter of credit simplification: buyers, sellers, and banks are water-proof certified by the hash technology, so the workflow is highly streamlined while transparency is maintained with least friction

In terms of Blockchain application in healthcare, Deloitte has partnered with Pfizer to launch some great initiative detailed in this report.

They didn’t offer concrete solutions and services right now but raised significant problems hampering healthcare breakthrough, and how blockchain, a potential game-changer, can fulfill its expected mission:

When smart devices such as wearable, biometric patches are prevalent as smartphones are today, and cameras, sensor in public area are densely equipped, enormous data are generated constantly from disparate places, stored on cloud, tappable like water in pipes, which, if used wisely for benevolent purpose, can probably lead to the cancer cure research breakthrough, to prevent fatal disease development at early stages, and to predict, thus, preemptively slow or stop disease progressing since medical problem, at its core, may just be a DNA sequence data puzzle to crack.

With Artificial Intelligence and BlockChain combined, the former does the hands-on analyzing cracking work, the latter deals with data sorting, sanitization, decentralization, securitization, defrauding issues, healthcare industry may ultimately come across its long-expected and badly-needed breakthrough.

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