Build Systems To Achieve Goals

We all have goals, or to be more literally said, our desires – desire to be successful, beautiful, happy, fulfilled…

Only focusing on the goals and forcing yourself to practice painful actions are proved to be ineffective, at least for majority of ‘ordinarily people”. Just to browse how many people are complaining, struggling to lose weight, to not procrastinate, or even to fall asleep every night. Achieving simple goals can be daunting tasks.

however, two authors have taught the right way already. Charles Duhigg detailed his insight in The Power of Habit. James Clear outlined the 10 rules in Atomic habits:

  1. Build a system for getting 1% better every day.
  2. Break your bad habits and stick to good ones.
  3. Avoid the common mistakes most people make when changing habits.
  4. Overcome a lack of motivation and willpower.
  5. Develop a stronger identity and believe in yourself.
  6. Make time for new habits (even when life gets crazy).
  7. Design your environment to make success easier.
  8. Make tiny, easy changes that deliver big results.
  9. Get back on track when you get off course.
  10. And most importantly, how to put these ideas into practice in real life.

Very simple things such as how many time, how do you brush your teeth, how do you make the bed everyday, do you keep home bit chaotic or pristine neat and clean. How and when do you eat and drink. Do you write down your thoughts, your mistakes, your daily deeds? What do you do before going to bed to sleep? How do you think? How do you deal with negative thoughts, even anxiety, panic attacking. How do you plan, do you write down, do you use calendar? How do you get help? Do you pick up the phone and ask around, or do you just Google? How do you make decisions? do you rush to decision impulsively, or do you constantly
delay the decision making?, or do you have a sophisticated method to arrive a maximum optimized decision without further anxiety and regret?

I am throwing these questions not to lead you to a universally “RIGHT” way to deal with these how or what, actually I don’t think there is a uniform right way. It depends, varies based on different scenarios, personal circumstances or conditions.

But what’s crucially important is that you comb through these small, often-time omitted questions, not goals, referencing how other people, especially successful people’s ways, to get inspiration and then eventually build up your own system of habits.

When the system of habits are set fitful and well, goals will be reached.

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