Basic Notions – Framework to Approach Any Problems in Life

Basic notions of life is like a compass, we need to possess a compass to traverses through life with fulfillment and happiness. Without a compass, we can easily fall into traps causing unnecessary trouble and agony.

The following notions summarized by Wu Bofan is astronomically helpful:

  1. holistic view – don’t counting on subjective will power too much, the objective world exerts its power in an incredible way. This can be illustrated with a simple example: a neat and organized home environment makes one think and function clearly, but so many people just hoard stuff and too stingy to invest in improving living conditions.
  2. team wisdom – to have individuals, especially individuals holding various perspective to share and debate with each other can form innovative, more correct ideas. Ray Dalio was once too confident of himself and was taught a huge lessen, almost wiped out of the investment market, later, he learns to be humble, to always hear out and imbue other opinions in making his final decisions.
  3. cyclic understanding – no matter how smart, how much we accomplished, the path to the truth is always cyclical, spiraling upward. It’s commonly experience in our life that sometime you think you’ve reached the peak, then at a point, you realize it’s the bottom of the mountain, leading to climb up to another peak.
  4. contractual relationship – the relationship between human beings can be looked at in two levels, one is pure, near term interest, typically measured by money, or other concrete benefits, the other is on long-term time axis, where one is willing to sacrifice obvious benefits or money to gain trust and friendship, i.e. to build a contractual relationship with the other person to open doors for higher opportunity such as promotion, or business collaboration etc.
  5. third choice – true human society is not as rigid as in game theory, either you win or lose, always learn to look for the third choice, where both parties can win. Those who has a great deal sense of humor grasp the core of third choice, they always can find a way to make peace with any awkward situation.
  6. decision making algorithm – life is mostly about decision. We certainly need to crack the law of universe, law of society, to apply to our decision making fitful into the grand scheme, to go with the flow, so can be close to success. For example, is your decision making energy always spent on which restaurant to eat, which grocery to shop to save money, or constantly to think where is the gap of supply and demand, where is the opportunity to fill in…

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