Thoughts On Learning Math, Physics, Programming, Drawing, Film-making On And On …

Probably we all heard the famous saying by Charlie Munger, ‘to the man with only a hammer, every problem looks like a nail.”

As to Xiaolai Li, “真正掌握了那个技能之后,那个技能才会“变”成刚需。并且,一旦掌握了某项技能,它只能是刚需。”, translated into English via Google translate: “After mastering that skill, that skill will “change” into “indispensable”. And once you master a skill, it can only be “indispensable.”

Both are talking about the same thing. That’s why both emphasize the ability to keep learning through out their life.

What I would add on is to particularly learn math, physics, philosophy … on top of learning relatively mechanical skills/knowledge such as programming or drawing, painting, dancing, boxing…

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