To Be Thorough

Thorough, exhaustive, comprehensive – it is not only just in performing critical tasks such as piloting an airplane or operating a surgery. it’s the core when comes to master anything. It’s a must.

Thoroughness defines if one is an expert in a particular arena. What’s more, “thoroughness” is indispensable.

Citing Xiaolai Li as example again. It’s just so compelling:

” 写这本书的时候,前后弄出来那么多.ipynb文件 —— 于是,到最后哪怕“生成个目录”这样看起来简单的活,若是会用正则表达式,就能几分钟完成;但若是不会,那就得逐一手工提取、排序、编辑…… 对我来说怎么可能不是刚需!”

import re
import os

files = [f for f in os.listdir('.') if os.path.isfile(f)]
for f in files:
    if '.ipynb' in f:
        with open(f, 'r') as file:
            str =
            pttn = r'"# (.*)"\n'
            r = re.findall(pttn, str)
            if len(r) > 0:
                print(f'> - [{f.replace(".ipynb", "")}(**{r[0]}**)]({f})') # 生成 markdown

Breaking it down to reach to high standard of ‘thoroughness”:

  1. start from the end goal and how to cease
  2. understand the core essence of the matter
  3. details

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