Compass in Life

What I learn more and more in my life is that most of the time I had been so confused. I am sure there are a lot of confusion at present still, but the good and happy thing I can claim is that I am less confused at this age than before.

The reason I had been confused, is because I never know clearly the compass in my life. Since the day we were born, we are always being told by adults what should and should not do. But actually, most of these adults are quite confused themselves.

A right compass in life is desperately needed.

I guess for animals, they are born to know what to do. It’s particularity convincing me when I observe how thrilled my two dogs are always upon the sight of a ball – just can’t wait to catch that ball. Then what? It doesn’t matter for them, they glean joy and excitement form this simple chasing and retrieving activity, never tired throughout generations/breeds of dogs.

Are we really fundamentally different than dogs? What’s the ball/compass we chase throughout generation of human beings? Fortune, abundance, comfortableness, fame, luxury … are these the balls to humans? But even grasped them, some people still feel empty and commit suicides.

It mustn’t be. It is a necessary but not sufficient premise to have a happy life.

To change, invent, and create something that is beautiful, pleasing to the rest of the people, is always fulfilling. Ascending to the highest, I think, is always those scientists who are able to elevate our knowledge to new highers, essentially, leading to the prosperity we enjoy today. As George Gilder said, “wealth is knowledge”, to every individual level, when this attempt is accomplished, wealth will come along.

I used to admire people like Charlie Munger, Warren Buffet a lot. They respect and attribute credits to great scientists and business entrepreneurs. Now I still respect Charlie Munger and Warren Buffet but their position is given away to people they respect. After all, the pure targeting of money won’t be adequate, even these two legendary investors also deem so.

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