Recording Anti-Intuition Wisdom

Wisdom is usually anti-intuitive, that’s why we need to study, practice and logically think to attain it. If you refuse to study, and always follow “what your heart tells”, you will wander to no where and develop superstition and religion.

For example, it’s anti-intuition for me to fully understand in circular motion with constant area/angle, the acceleration is not zero, because there is the change of direction, hence, there is acceleration value and direction is toward the center. kinetic energy = 1/2mv^2.

And of course, the famous Newton’s first law stating that an object without force will stay at rest or move with a constant speed. The former part is intuitively understandable and acceptable by lay people, but the latter one is absolutely anti-daily experience, hence a lay person just have hard time to understand, let alone to apply it to explain phenomena.

Some we could get it but without practicing, easily slip to that trap such as “Big white elephant in the room”. We constantly force ourselves to not think about elephant by emphasizing the notion of big white elephant, don’t think about it.

Look around, so many people struggle with insomnia, depression, dramatic and painful tension within family just because they don’t learn and practice how body works, instead, keep slipping into intuitive/habitual behavior of forcing, yelling, sulking and ultimately suffering.

There is a rule as how our brain want to rest, there is a rule as how to educate a child… Exactly same as there is such rule called Newton’s Law, which later on, further modified by Einstein’s relatively theory.

Peter Thiel states that the best competition is no competition.

Warren Buffet doesn’t regret missing the investment in Apple or Amazon, simply because he knows his cognitive scope.

A very successful entrepreneur/investor Duan Yongping said:

  1. come up with stop doing list, stop doing mistaken things
  2. social network is very tiring, not worthy
  3. marketing is secondary, product is king
  4. patient, don’t compete for the top
  5. focus on mission, vision and judgement for any company/individual
  6. no leverage
  7. shortcut is the fastest way to get lost
  8. uniform pricing…

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