Use Markdown Language Editor Dillinger

Rather than familiar text editor such as Microsoft Word, most engineers prefer markdown language (with extension .md) for daily writing and creating. It’s light-weight formatting syntaxed language, fit for CSS style embedding, simple to write, edit and read, especially for posting on GitHub repository.

My plan to conslidate all my work on GitHub makes is a must-to-learn skill.

After a brief investigation, I decide to use Dillinger as my default editor. I probably will switch to other tools such as visual studio, sublime text but so far, Dillinger is of the most convenient and user-friendly.

The web link is this. Before I touch on basics, which I primarily use, this link is useful to be referenced in the future.

# Dillinger
## Dillinger
### Dillinger
#### dillinger

I note the space is important, it’s not that random that you can place space anywhere anytime you wish.

Another import feature I definitely will use is to set hyperlink. The markdown language syntax is like below. use square bracket to show a highlighted text, while the actual link address is set in the end of the file.

* [AngularJS] – HTML enhanced for web apps!

More complex display such as an icon/graph with an embedded hyperlink is set similarly.



And if you want to display png file (pictures)


the graph will nicely displayed as you wish.

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