Real Study – That Is What You Should Pursue In College

I have spent too many years in academia and came out to have a better understand, thus be able to make some sound judgement of what is studying there and what is worthy or true studying.

Unfortunately, most of our time are wasted in studying “dumb” subjects such as biology, foreign language, politics. While the true intellectual activities that requires math and logic are largely ignored or entirely abandoned.

Don’t you see a graduate of Math or Physics or Computer Science degree is of very different substance compared to one majored in so called literature or politics?

Why I say so? Because I thought deep about what is the activity of study of human being? Studying in essence is to conduct intellectual work to reveal rules/laws that are not intuitively understandable.

I don’t see subjects that only require knowing as something worth valuable time to study. It is important though, but it doesn’t need to study. It just need to learn or to be aware of. Which in current era, we can resort to Google searching, in the future, maybe there is a tiny device implanted to our brain to tap and access anytime we want. The device can be an extended brain.

However, the ability to think in a mathematical, logical analytical way is not something the machine can help. It’s human intelligence, and we have to study hard to grasp.

It is amazing to know how Albert Einstein single-handily crack the law of universe, pushing ahead Newtonian theory by his logical thinking experiment – warping of space and distortion of time.

More curious human beings, especially fresh young students should spend their time to do this kind of studying/work rather than memorizing words/phrases, anatomy, biological categories or political leaders/events in history.

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