Machine Learning Hands-on Learning By “Weights & Biases”

Founders of “Weights & Biases” Lukas and Chris are super successful already. The former company they created – Figure Eight provides a platform for people to label training data was sold to an Australian company for $300 million. Now they embarked on new adventure of this
Weights & Biases
, dedicated to educational Machine Learning.

To follow along his lectures, type git clone, cd ml-class, cd videos, cd intro, and then pull up MNIST.png. Note we also need to run wandb –singup, but in windows command lines, there is no such -signup extension, but there is login, so I typed wandb –login, get authenticated via my github account, and obtain API key from W&B’s settings page, type wandb –login 2f2bbd98f8b7a031e0ab48c44e699a07b02c6078 to get through.

To be continued…

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