Deeper Understanding Via Stackoverflow And Summarized By Pyankit

I fully resonate with Pyankit's assertion that Stackoverflow is a golden mine but also rife with too much subpar information that a cherry picking by savvy users is valuable.   Using this try block is not recommendable because you want to catch the exception that you expect, passing it without doing anything about it is just … Continue reading Deeper Understanding Via Stackoverflow And Summarized By Pyankit

Surprising Python Behaviors

This blog is a learning diary from satwikkansal/wtfpython: CPython optimization (called string interning) tries to use existing immutable objects in some cases rather than creating a new object every time. The decision of when to implicitly intern a string is implementation dependent. There are some facts that can be used to guess if a string will be … Continue reading Surprising Python Behaviors

Mobility ETFs – XKST

The SPDR Kensho Smart Mobility ETF (XKST) was launched to the market at the end of last year/2017, "it focuses on smart transportation firms, which the index provider fines as those companies advancing products or services in the following areas: autonomous vehicle technology, drone transportation technology, and advanced transportation tracking and transport optimization systems. Each … Continue reading Mobility ETFs – XKST

Simulation of Simple Gambling and Kelly’s Criterion

Many people would dream to go to Las Vegas, or buying lotteries, thinking one day, their life can be changed entirely by gambling. Is it true? What're the chances they can pull it off?  A simple simulation of flipping coins in Python gives good answer without risking real money. Assuming there are 10 people all … Continue reading Simulation of Simple Gambling and Kelly’s Criterion