Naixian Zhang is responsible for building smart-beta indexes and prototypes in a leading global Fintech firm, with a wide array of indexes powering a suite of exchange-traded funds (ETF); unit investment trusts (UIT) and passive funds of more than $5 Billion assets under management (AuM); also strategically consulting specialty data feed business by developing quantitative models and investment strategies with proprietary specialty datasets.

Holds a Master of Molecular Biology and Biochemistry and a B.S. in Pharmacology from Fudan University Medical School. She also holds MBA from Case Western Reserve University Business School and is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) member of New York Chapter (NYSSA).

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/naixian-nancy-zhang-cfa-9545a41b/

作者目前是一家领先的全球金融科技公司新兴的指数部门两名主要成员之一,通过广泛的财务,宏观,经济数据等开发量化模型和投资策略,特别是专有指数业务,与指数提供商和基金赞助商合作建立智能贝塔指数模型。 拥有复旦大学医学院分子生物学和生物化学硕士学位,凯斯西储大学商学院MBA学位,并且是纽约分会(NYSSA)的特许金融分析师(CFA)成员。