Method of Listing

This article is greatly attributed to Fan Deng, another great thinker and speaker I am lucky to find. He re-read the book “revolution of listing” (not sure its original English title), chanting the method of listing.

This idea is simple but ground-breaking in a sense that most people don’t realize the value and power of it. Normal people largely rely on a spiritual, experimental or intuitive approach to deal with all sorts of problems in their lives – important and trivial. In retrospect, I am not astonished to see the tremendous amount of mistakes I made and the ensuing pain, frustration, anger, self-scolding, self-doubts ruining the life of happiness. It’s good to at least recognize the issue and learn from now on.

Experts, genius are not existing until they practice and operate based upon a dynamically improving list of steps to do things right. However, after the work behind the scene, they tend to not show the side of sweating or simply applying the listed steps. It gives them lots of pomposity and self-euphoria by claiming it’s their talents or brightness to be so amazing.

In some extremely complex areas – flying and surgery – it is almost mandatory to follow the method of listing to ensure the lowest level of mistakes. Why don’t we apply it on everything else in our daily life?

It’s not easy. Because we want to look smart as if we don’t need to sweat anything and just pull it off; or we do know and want to follow the steps, but we naturally hate repetitive and mechanical work, we call it boring and not fun. That’s why there are so many mediocre people, and very few successful ones climbed/are climbing to the peak of their lives.





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